A Texas man was trying to evade cops when he crashed his vehicle into a body of water. Most people would give up but not this guy!

It seems like dash cam footage is the gift that keeps on giving. The film allows us to see exactly what happens during dramatic moments for police, and even dramatic chases. That is exactly what you see with this dash cam footage, shot in Arlington, Texas.

Police were attempting to pull over 40 year-old Daniel Basham on suspicion of durnk driving when he decided to flee the police in his SUV. He made his way through a residential neighborhood and a winding road before he apparently didn't see the body of water in front of him. He drove straight into the lake and was able to escape through the car's window. Instead of giving up there, our inebriated driver decided to attempt to swim away from police to the other side of the lake. Police simply walked over to the other side of the lake and were able to arrest the man at the dock. The officers also said that they found drugs inside of the vehicle. Bashum was arrested after the incident.

Watch the chase in the video above.  Read more about this at the Star-Telegram website.