The website New Civil Rights Movement has an article (which you can find here) that starts exactly like this:

"Texas tea party state Senator Konni Burton has filed legislation that would effectively require public school employees to out LGBT students to their parents. "

Under Burton's Senate Bill 242 teachers or an employee who fail to inform a parent of their child's sexual orientation or gender identity could face discipline, even if the students wants that information to be kept to themselves.

Since I read this story I've been trying to figure out a reason why. Why, is this something we need in our society and our state?

Now, I'm all for parents being in the know with what is going on with their children. But this seems to be very wonky. What if the child has a bad relationship with their parents? What if the parents are homophobes and would treat their child very differently if this kind of information was given to them? Maybe, the child is keeping the information from their parents for a reason.

But those are just my questions. If you can answer any of them, please email me to This is a subject that isn't in my wheel house because not only am I a straight, white, male, I also don't have kids. So I can't speak from ANY kind of experience on this topic. But I do have those questions.