Seriously, the squirrel count in Texas is way down and something that happened in February of 2021 may be the reason why.

In February of 2021, Texas was hit by a major winter storm that messed us up in a lot of ways. Snow, ice and record low temperatures paralyzed the lone star state and dramatically impacted all the state critters.

Especially the squirrels who's population has dropped by an astounding 92 percent. 92% ... that's almost all of 'em.

Yeah, that's a lot, huh? According to an article at, squirrels, (almost all critters for that matter), are especially hard hit by extreme ecological changes and that freaky winter definitely sparked some.

For once, my Dad would have loved winter. He wasn't a winter weather person but he hated squirrels more. They were always going after the peaches he grew and they battled constantly for years over control of the tree.

My Dad is no longer with us so It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't somehow arrange this incident from above.

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Anyway, according to a Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist named Kyle Brunson, squirrel numbers can also be affected by how well certain crops do.

Fortunately, seems like it's hard to keep squirrels down and, according to Brunson,  they typically recover from events like this quickly. They should, once again, be scampering all over the place again soon.

If you want more squirrels at your house, try planting a peach tree. Worked great at my Dad's house.

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