Ah, French fries. They're delicious. They can be added to almost any meal for about $1. A basket of fries is $3.29 at McDonald's right now, just saying. While I am a lover of fries, and I don't believe I've ever met a fry I didn't like.

Fries on their own are delicious as are, however, with the perfect add on- you can totally elevate your fry eating experience. You know what works perfectly with French fries? Cheese! I'm talking about hot, melty, gooey cheese on top of fries!

It's the ultimate add on, and the perfect combination, potatoes and fries! I know I'm not alone in this because a new survey just revealed that Texas is a huge fan of cheese fries.

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The survey revealed each state's favorite type of fry. No, not their favorite fast food French fry (Texas' favorite are from Whataburger by the way- no surprise there!)- this survey asked for the type of fries each state is obsessed with.

The survey looked at Google Trends and found the type of French fry each state prefers, and the tie for first place was actually between cheese fries and waffle fries. (Yeah, I'm not a fan of waffle fries).

All in all, Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and all of us here in the Lone Star state prefer cheese fries.

The other type of fries other states like? Tater tots (do they even count as fries?!), shoestring fries, sweet potato fries, steak fries, curly fries, crinkle cut fries and our neighbors in New Mexico were the only ones to stand out, being the only state to prefer chili cheese fries.

So, would you like some cheese with those fries?



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