It's the season of giving and this Texas fire department is hoping you're in an extra giving mood this year!

The Galveston Humane Society has teamed up with their fire department heroes for this years "Galveston Heroes & Hounds 2024 Calendar" and the first batch has already sold out! I can't imagine why the calendar was in such high demand, I mean, it's just firemen with animals...

If you didn't notice the sarcasm, I can totally see why it sold out almost immediately! They're HOT firemen and cute animals! It's a deadly combination, but a super genius marketing ploy. Also, if you want to get me anything for Christmas- it's this, this calendar is what I want!

And it's all for a good cause, every dollar made from the Heroes & Hounds 2024 calendar goes directly to the Galveston Island Humane Society! The 2024 original calendar was available for a mere $25, but that is sold out now.

However, their signed version of the calendar is still available for $35!

You can purchase a calendar here.

This is the 7th Annual Heroes & Hounds featuring Galveston’s own firefighters with adoptable animals from the Galveston Island Humane Society! And according to their website:

An average of 2,200 unwanted and stray animals enter GIHS’ door each year. GIHS has been dedicated to promoting animal welfare and the protection and prevention of unwanted or homeless animals.

So, obviously, this calendar is a big deal, and a big hit since it's been running for seven years now! I'm sure not only do the animals appreciate it, but the brave firefighters as well knowing that they're doing something for a great cause and that many out there look forward to this calendar drop every year!

Find out more, here.

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