One of the deadliest animals in Texas isn't really all that dangerous. In fact, one of the ones that causes the most deaths is pretty harmless. Unless ...

Don't get me wrong, Texas certainly does have its share of deadly critters. Rattlesnakes and spiders probably spring to mind for most Texans first. All the rattlesnakes are venomous and 2 of our spiders are too. (Tarantulas are ok.)

The Brown Recluse and the Black Widow can each getcha' but fatalities are rare. Black Widow bites are a little more risky as they pack the same neurotoxic venom as cobras. Yikes.

Other Texas animals that can take you out include alligators, sharks .. yes, sharks ... and mountain lions. Scorpions made this list too somehow but, while you'll totally feel a scorpion hit, only one type can be fatal.

Texans are safe when it comes to this one as Bark Scorpions, the only scorpions with (potentially) deadly bites, are not found in Texas.

Which Harmless Animal In Texas Can Kill You?

Believe it or not, deer make the "most likely to kill you" list in Texas. It's not incidents involving protecting their young or getting trampled either. It's not even the deer themselves to be honest.

Why Are Deer Dangerous In Texas?

The poor guys have terrible decision making skills when it comes to crossing highways. Hitting them, or swerving to avoid them, causes accidents which can result in death or serious injury.

From 2010-2016 there were 51,522 animal-vehicle relatled accidents in Texas with 64% caused by wildlife and 31% by domestic animals (another 5% was unspecified). Deer were the number one wild animal that caused accidents in Texas. - AZAnimals

Beware of Bambi ...

Endangered West Texas Animals

Animals we just don't see as much anymore here in West Texas

Gallery Credit: Joseph Browning


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