An Abilene family got quite the shock when their young son found a rattlesnake in their toilet, but that wasn't the only surprise they were in for!

Most mothers don't want their kids waking them up early in the morning, but even worse is when their young child wakes them up to tell them theres a snake in the toilet.

Thats exactly what happened to Cassie McFadden, when her 4 year old woke her up, informing her that there was a snake in the toilet. She told KRBC that after her young son told her this, her 8 year old son screamed that there was indeed a snake in the toilet. The four year old was attempting to flush the snake down the toilet when the rest of the family rushed in the bathroom.

Cassie was able to kill the snake with a hoe and then her husband Jason McFadden wondered if there could possibly be more snake slithering around the home.

Lucky for the family he decided to have a professional check it out.

A total of 24 snakes were found in the home, hiding in the basement. Check  out the video above to hear the whole story or visit the KRBC website!

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