Safety of students in Texas Schools has been talking point for multiple reasons in the past few months. We've previously discussed the possibility of metal detectors being placed in schools. Now another proposition put forth by the Texas Education Agency aims to help protect children in the state.

The plan in question recommends that all schools in the state be updated with new security measurements to protect students and teachers in situations where unknown events are occurring.

Texas Education Agency Proposal Explained

In a release from the agency, the organization detailed their plans to improve various schools. One of the items recommended by the agency was exterior doors, including classroom doors to be "closed, latched, and locked, and allow for emergency egress from the inside while remaining locked," as per the release.

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Windowed doors were also mentioned by the release, stating that they should be fortified with "entry-resistant film" in the situation someone tries to enter the school without permission.

One big recommendation from the release is the inclusion of panic button systems in all schools in the state of Texas. The system can be set off by a staff member on the campus, with a 911 call helping set the system in motion. The panic alert system could also potentially lock all doors, if the feature is able to be implemented at the school in question.

To the parents of students in Texas schools, we ask for your opinion. Are these improvements enough, or are more needed? Let us know on our station app.

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