This couple decided to end their year with a little action- problem was it was in public and in front of children.

Some people are happy with a simple New Year's kiss but for one Austin, Texas couple they wanted a whole lot more action to  the day before you ring in the new year. Jonathan Hightower and Lashanda Fisher were arrested on Sunday after the couple allegedly began getting hot and heavy at the Baby Acapulco restaurant in Austin. Witnesses say they saw the couple engaging in oral sex in front of other diners in the restaurant, including children.

Police were called the the restaurant just before 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night. When they arrived, witnesses told authorities that the couple was engaging in oral sex in a booth at the restaurant for about 5 minutes before they left. The couple then went to a 7/11 gas station next to the restaurant. Police went into the gas station and arrested the couple after they matched the description of the suspects. Surveillance video from the restaurant also confirmed the witness' stories. The couple was booked in the early hours of Sunday morning.