We got to speak with Gary Lynch today who works for Rising S Company, which builds bomb shelters. News stories have said that business is booming because people are worried about, what they're calling, 'The Trumpocalypse'. But that is a bit of a misnomer because according to Lynch, there's always something that causes people to seek out some sort of a bomb/survival shelter.

HERE is an article from the Star-Telegram about Gary and his business. When asked about the price, Lynch said they start out at about $45,000 and all you need is a back yard. The most deluxe version he sold went for $12 million. He couldn't share who it was that spent that much, but he did say that they've recently gotten a lot of orders from politicians. And not just local politicians, but national politicians as well.

And even though they are based here in Texas, they are able to build shelters, not only, across the country, but across the globe as well. I'm still trying to convince Buzz to build one. I mean, his dogs have already starting digging the holes in his backyard.

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