This has to be the most haunted Mansion in Texas.

All across Texas, there's a lot of haunted history to explore. If you're looking for a scare, or two, then the Lone Star is definitely the place you'll want to start at!

Growing up in El Paso, Texas, I've certainly heard my share of ghost stories. From the "Ghost Girl" who never graduated from El Paso High School, to the Plaza Theater in Downtown that is said to have performers who don't know that the curtain's down.

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

But, I believe out of all of these haunted places in Texas, this one is certainly the most unique.

Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas is said to be one of the most haunted places in the country.

Located at 2328 Broadway Avenue J, just one look from the outside might make you think it was the "Murder House" on "American Horror Story".

Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas
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Ashton Villa History

Ashton Villa was built in 1859 by James Moreau Brown, a wealthy businessman from New York and banker; he was also one of the richest men in Texas. It is one of the first brick structures in Texas, notable for its Italianate architectural style, which features high ceilings, ornate plasterwork, and cast iron verandas.

One of the most famous ghosts associated with Ashton Villa is Bettie Brown, the daughter of Mr. Brown. Bettie is said to have a strong presence in the house, with many reports of her ghost seen in various rooms, especially the Gold Room. Visitors have reported hearing piano music playing by itself- perhaps it is Bettie who loved to entertain guests.

Visitors and staff have reported seeing her apparition, hearing unexplained footsteps, and experiencing strange occurrences such as objects moving on their own.

The mansion is often included in ghost tours and paranormal investigations in Galveston. It also hosts some spooky Halloween events. And for the romantics out there, Ashton Villa is also the perfect wedding venue.

But, while you may live out your "Bridgerton" dreams, be wary of uninvited, and ghostly, guests!

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