This Dallas artist is creating quite the buzz with his jaw-dropping piñatas that are works of art you have to see to believe. One thing El Pasoans can agree on, a party isn't complete without a piñata. There are plenty of places you can go and purchase a piñata around El Paso but if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind piñata that will wow your guests, check out this Texas artist.

Alfonso Hernandez is a Dallas-based artist who is known for his massive, intricately detailed piñatas. Hernandez has made piñatas inspired by a wide variety of subjects- horror movie icons, animals, superheroes, cartoon characters, and even people. He told Texas Monthly he constructed his first piñata back in 2016 for a family birthday party. From there, he's spent countless hours honing his craft and through word-of-mouth, his artwork is now in high demand.

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Hernandez now charges $100 a foot for his creations but after seeing some of his work you'll agree the piñatas are well worth the price. He told Texas Monthly that some of his clients purchase the piñatas and display them instead of using them at parties:

"Parents don't want to break them. My clients still go buy an inexpensive piñata and fill that with candy to break. Mine becomes a showpiece."

You can see more of Alfonso Hernandez's work on his Instagram page and read more of his interview on the Texas Monthly website.

Texas Artist Creates Incredible Pinatas You Won't Want To Break

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