There are some El Paso men and women who feel they could work in the logging industry. Clearly, the only way to test that theory out is if you have hands-on experience.

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Just because you may wear the boots, red flannel, and sport a rocking beard doesn't mean you're a lumberjack. Everyone knows you have to also be able to walk the walk by handling the duties when it comes to trees.

But there are some people who have probably already tried out what it takes to be a lumberjack. The official Lumberjack Day is on September 26 but is being celebrated early in New Mexico.

If you have always wanted to show off your lumberjack skills then get your stamina ready for the next year. On Saturday, September 17, the annual Lumberjack Day & Fall Art Show will go down.

So if you would like to participate, you must wait until next year since the deadline to register was last month. But you can always head over to just watch the competitors throw down in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. If you have never been before just refer to AleshireTx's YouTube video below.

There are different physical activities from ax throwing, to sawing off different types and sizes of wood. Besides watching the competitions that are going on, you can even do a little shopping. This fun event isn't only for adults but it also allows for kids to participate.

I seriously doubt people will be wearing red long sleeve flannels since the weather has been quite warm. You can get more details by checking out the website for Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce.

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