It's almost time, (3/10/19), for the Daylight Savings Time flip - flop and ... once again ...  many Texans feel we should stop doing this.

Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states that don't observe DST and, over the years, many have tried to end DST in Texas. Some say it's a confusing inconvenience that throws everyone out of whack. Others feel the extra hour of sunlight is too important to lose with regard to outdoor activities.

State Rep. Rafael Anchia. (D) has ... I think ... the most astute, informed and well thought out argument to KEEP Daylight Savings Time. He says we need it because, without it, the Cowboys games will start at a different time and cause him to miss Church and he can't miss either one. (Good point for all God-fearing football fans in Texas, no matter who your team is!)

Anyway, here we go again. State Sen. Jose Menéndez (D) has been pushing a bill to end Daylight Savings Time since 2015 and he's doing it again this year. Given the bills track record, I don't think this will be the year either. Your thoughts??

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