Long before the days of Live: PD, El Paso, Texas was hit feature on another police centered reality show!

El Paso on COPS
Scott Rodgerson via Unsplash

There was a time in El Paso, when if you saw those blue and red lights in your rearview mirror, your first thought might have been: "oh, my God, I'm gonna be on COPS!"

COPS was the LIVE:PD of the '90s. It premiered in 1989 and ran for about three decades until 2020. The show followed police officers, sheriff's deputies, constables, and other law enforcement officials during their patrols and other activities.

Each episode typically featured multiple segments showing different incidents, ranging from routine traffic stops and domestic disputes to more serious crimes like drug busts and high-speed chases. The show often highlighted the challenges and dangers faced by law enforcement officers in the line of duty. Not to mention, that theme song was instantly recognizable!

It was in 1993, however, that El Paso kind of stole the spotlight when the Sun City was featured on quite a few episodes. How many episodes? Well, according to our very own Daniel Paulus, El Paso was a feature on COPS for seven episodes! And in those seven episodes, the world saw a lot of El Paso; the good and the bad!

For many of us, we can certainly remember when El Paso was on COPS- over on this article you can even watch all seven episodes and relieve El Paso in all it's 90s glory. So why am I bringing it up now? Because I have come to inform you that this piece of retro reality television has officially hit the Instagram world!

From the second we all heard that intro, we all knew what was about to go down! Imagine my surprise as I was scrolling through the 'gram and encountered this!

Much like LIVE: PD, COPS will go down in history!

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