Shark Week is coming to an end, y'all! I totally dove into the festivities of Shark Week. I made a playlist of shark themed songs. I went Martha Stewart and made some shark themed snacks. I thought what better way to mark the ending of another great shark week than by introducing you to some of my favorite shark movies?

Now, you all may know that I'm a lover of horror movies and there is nothing more terrifying than the ocean! And yes, "Jaws" is probably the movie that you'll see topping lists everywhere as the best shark movie ever. I won't disagree with it, it opened up a whole new sub-genre in horror films and I truly appreciate that, but, you won't see "Jaws" on this list. While I love the movie and the impact it has in film, this list will highlight other greatly entertaining shark movies. Sure, some shark movies fail miserably, some are corny, but just because it doesn't have the name "Spielberg" attached to it doesn't mean that they're not entertaining! And remember, it's the ocean, that's THEIR home, not yours. Be kind to the sharks.

  • 1

    Deep Blue Sea

    I had to make this the first on my list because aside from "Jaws" this was probably the other first shark movie I saw. It was crazy!

  • 2

    The Reef

    It may look corny, but it actually is a pretty good movie! Definitely worth a watch!

  • 3

    Open Water

    This movie made my blood pressure skyrocket! It does say "based on actual events" which are probably the four scariest words to see before a movie.

  • 4


    They say in Australia there's like, a million things that can kill you. Add Great White Shark in grocery store to that list.

  • 5

    The Shallows

    Imagine being ALONE in the ocean and having to outsmart a shark? No, thanks!

  • 6

    47 Meters Down

    That's about 151 feet down in the ocean! This movie is about sisters and funny enough, I watched it with my sister. We've agreed never to go in to a cage to see sharks. Ever.

  • 7


    I know, I know. I tried to make myself sound like a credible film buff and then I go and add this movie to the list. But that first one, goodness it was TERRIBLE! But I couldn't stop watching it! Apparently, I wasn't the only one, a SIXTH "Sharknado" comes out this year.

  • 8

    Shark Ghost

    I needed another cheesy shark movie, just to get it out of my system. So bad it's good.

  • 9

    Shark Night

    There's a surprisingly good plot twist in this movie. Also, it makes me wonder, if I live near a lake, can I own a shark??

  • 10

    The Meg

    Yes, I know this one isn't out yet, but it looks good! Looks like a great cast, it's got Jason Statham, Ruby Rose and Rainn Wilson A.K.A. Dwight Schrute! I cannot miss this one!

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