Great news for all "South Park" fans: Comedy Central announced that "South Park" will return for a one hour special focused on the pandemic. The episode, titled "The Pandemic Special," finds Stan's father Randy "coming to terms with his role in the COVID-19 outbreak," as the citizens of the titular town deal with the continued challenges of the pandemic, according to Comedy Central. Meanwhile, the kids return to school, only to find that nothing is the same -- not their teachers, not their homeroom, not even Cartman. Check out the trailer below.

"The Pandemic Special" airs September 30th on Comedy Central. Sounds great! While talking about this with Buzz and Brandon during our pre-show meeting, I admitted something that I'm sure no one would have guessed: I have never seen a single episode of "South Park".

That's right, much to Buzz and Brandon's surprise, I've never sat and watched an episode of this show that has been running since 1997. I have seen clips of the show, what I've seen is hilarious, but I have not actually sat down to see a full episode. That's where you come in!

There are 23 seasons, 307 episodes and a movie- I'm not going to sit and watch them all. I mean I'm sure I can binge watch all of it, but there are lots of other things to watch that I need to catch up on! So here's where I'm asking for your help: if you're a fan of the show tell me what episodes I need to watch. Give me season and episode number and I'll for sure set some time aside to watch this show that everyone seems to love! I did the same thing with "Friends" and the only person to respond to it was Brandon. So don't let me down with this one!

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