It really feels like this hasn't been my week, my month, not even my year. I had begun binge-watching "Friends" because of a FALSE FLAG date that said "Friends" would only be available until January first. It was fake news because "Friends" is here to stay through 2019. (Apparently, Netflix paid $100 million to keep "Friends"!). Anyway, so there I was, into season one, laughing when I fell asleep. I woke up and a number of episodes had passed and then I just... stopped. I haven't really seen an episode since.

I don't plan on watching ALL OF the episodes because, well, I mean, it's 236 episodes! Because I fell asleep, when I woke up Ross already had the monkey- I missed again how the monkey comes into the picture! When do Ross and Rachel hook it up? What exactly does Chandler do? This is where you come in. So, I need for you, oh, faithful watchers of "Friends" to tell me which episodes I really need to watch. Which ones are iconic, essential viewing? I look forward to your suggestions, in the meantime, I'll be watching "King of the Hill" and "The Golden Girls."

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