Fighting is never the answer, but neither is stopping a fight to text your mom. Yes, it is pretty adorable that he is a momma's boy, but this isn't going to help him gain any dominance in this fight club.

According to BroBible, this guy has to stop his lame attempt to defend himself from another pretty boy, just to text his mother. No word on why these two Justin Bieber wannabes decided to take each other on but I don't think it really was resolved from all the missed punches.

This video could also be another example of how technology is taking over the world. Everyone in the video takes a phone break to document the poor excuse for a fight club, probably on some type of social media.

I have a feeling that this footage will forever haunt this poor guy. Not only did he throw a punch like he was drunk, but he had to report to his mommy when he needed to act tough. Next time just settle it with a dance routine and make it easier for everyone.