Matt Perren is a teenager who took a selfie. Big deal, right? Yes, it is. Because Matt Perren took a selfie video of him singing Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" every night for three years, ages 15 through 18, to create an incredible time-lapse video.

It's incredible because first, what teenager you know has the patience and motivation (minus an overbearing stage mom and/or OCD symptoms) to do something on his own every night for a week, much less three years? I know I didn't.

Also incredible because, on his own, Perren created and edited this video, and he stitches it all together pretty well. Not easy with three years (three YEARS!) of video clips to skim through.

No truth to the rumor that, for his next project, Perren will do a time-lapse video of himself reading every line from "The Hobbit". He's already 18 -- no one could live that long!