If you're an El Paso native then these certain spots filmed in time-lapse mode will bring back memories! There are some significant areas that have been around forever and some that are new to El Paso like the lighted sculptures 1-10 East at Airway.

Armando Vela stopped at various locations to get a time-lapse video of the selected areas in El Paso. The clouds and sky in El Paso looked magnificent for the shots Armando took. One of the spots featured in the video that took me back to my childhood years was the place off of Delta and Alameda. It would have been neat to see a variety of time-lapse videos while it's raining, snowing, or even windy in El Paso. Another spot that would be awesome to see would be Transmountain near the Northeast to catch the sunrise. If you find peace by sitting on your porch enjoying the El Paso sky, this video can also give you peace. Armando stopped at Scenic Drive, Ascarate Park, Downtown, and other locations you're familiar with. It was also neat to witness the transformation from a sunny sky filled with clouds to a gloomy view.

Armando chose the perfect time and location to end his time-lapse video that focused on the Downtown area!