Mephedrone, commonly known as 'Meow Meow" seems to be a party drug you don't want to be taking. It produces similar effects to Ecstasy and Cocaine but it might make you cut your junk off.

A 19-year-old teenage in England reportedly attacked his mother with a knife then cut off his penis. He was found hanging out of his bedroom window with blood gushing out of his groin. Luckily, his 46-year-old mother was able to call for help, early morning on December 29th and they were rushed to the hospital. As of yesterday, both are in stable condition and surgeons were able to re-attach the teenager's penis.

Police believe the teenage had taken 'Meow Meow' before the incident. Side effects to this drug are paranoia and anxiety, so it's highly likely it might have had something to do with his freak out.