It is a fact of life that the vast majority of men will experience some kind of erectile dysfunction over the course of their lifetime. Our prize package (for your “prized package”) includes two treatments, courtesy of Dr. Altenberg of El Paso Men’s Clinic we’re giving away a fantastic prize valued $5,000.

First, a relatively new treatment called the GAINSWave machine. It’s a completely non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves for the treatment of E.D. Here’s a short video explaining what the GAINSWave is and does:

The second treatment is optional for our winner. It’s the Priapus Shot which is an injection of your own plasma…wait for it…directly into the penis! Some men may blanch at the thought of a needle into such a treasured body part and we’re certainly not going to force anyone to do something they’re not comfortable with. That’s why the P-Shot is optional. But, you should know, reported results of the P-Shot to include stronger erections, more satisfying sex and more epic orgasms (for both partners). One writer for Men’s Health even claims it substantially increased his…ahem…SIZE

So, how do you enter to win this contest? We’ve decided we want to hear from guys directly. We’re asking men who want to win to call into the Morning Show neckline, 855-805-6325, and leave a message describing Erectile Dysfunction in metaphorical terms. For example, we’ve heard living with E.D. described as “trying to pick a lock with a wet noodle”. One of our contestants has already described it as “trying to shoot pool with a rope” (so don’t use that one.)

Call in to 1-844-805-NECK to leave us a voicemail with your own metaphor/simile for Erectile Dysfunction. You can remain anonymous even if you win the contest. We know, it’s a sensitive subject. The only thing we need is a way of contacting you. It could be a phone number or e-mail. Whatever it is, we just need it to get back in touch with you so we’ll absolutely keep it just between us and in no way will we compromise your privacy on the air.

Once again, we’re looking for a great metaphor for E.D. and maybe a bit of anonymous background on our Neckline which is 844-805-NECK.

* MUST BE 21+ to enter.

* Open to legal residents of Texas and New Mexico.

* Must schedule consultation with Dr. Leo Altenberg, MD within 30-days of winning or prize is forfeited.

* Winner may opt out any time after consultation and an alternate winner will be chosen. Forfeiture of prize is not replaceable; no cash value awarded.

* Winner receives the GainsWave treatment as offered by the El Paso Men’s Clinic.

* Winner may also receive the “Priapus Shot,” if they chose and are medically qualified. All legal waivers and requirements will be disseminated by the El Paso Men’s Clinic prior to any procedure.

* Contest runs Monday April 29, 2019, through Friday, May 10, 2019.

* Entry by calling the BAMS toll free neckline and leaving their metaphor for erectile dysfunction along with name and contact number.

* Finalists selected at random based on their creativity and audio legibility.

* Grand Prize Winner chosen at random from all qualified entries; judge’s decision final.

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