Tracy Morgan has always been a hilarious guy when acting and even in real life. I came across the video Robert Holguin had shared his interview with Tracy Morgan. This sure is a throwback Thursday memory since Robert Holguin is no longer with KVIA. Tracy Morgan isn't only hilarious when he's acting but even in real life. There were so many rumors about Tracy Morgan being under the influence. We will never know the truth to this day but one thing for sure is he sure gave us a hell of a laugh.

That day he was being interviewed on the news by Robert Holguin and put on quite a show. He definitely gave a shout out to the ladies at Jaguars and said something I still wonder about. He kept claiming that someone was going to get pregnant while he was in town for 2 days. What I have been wondering about is if he really did knock someone up. Either way, this video is always fun to watch despite it being years old!

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