KLAQ BalloonFest is the perfect time to show off your tattoos. From lions to a robot hugging a strawberry, we found tons of tattoos all around Wet N' Wild.

KLAQ staff strolled around the waterpark looking for some of the most unique tattoos to appear at BalloonFest. I always look forward to see what new tattoos can be found on El Pasoans because I like to get new ideas of what style and techniques are being used locally.

A huge thank you to all those people who let us take photos of there tattoos and interrupt their fun. You guys continue to impress me with all the new ink that we find throughout BalloonFest weekend. I even ran into a few BalloonFest regulars that actually added some new ink and were excited to show it off.

Hopefuuly more tattoos will be added on more BalloonFest attendees, because I am already looking forward to next year.