We've all been trying to do our part by supporting local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we have a fun way to see how many local restaurants you can visit during this difficult time. The City of El Paso has extended the Stay-At-Home order for an additional 30 days until May 17. Many businesses have been struggling to keep their doors open while the community has been focusing on supporting those hard-hit local spots. Local restaurants have been doing takeout service for customers and many are trying to patron as many local favorites as possible. Currently, I've ordered food from about 10 different local restaurants but I felt like I could be doing more, or at least find different local restaurants to support. From there, Local Takeout Bingo was born.

Each category of Takeout Bingo allows you to pick the local restaurant you enjoy in that category. There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from and there may be certain restaurants that are more convenient for you than others. Not only can you get Bingo, you can try to fill in the entire board so you can help as many restaurants as possible. Hopefully Takeout Bingo is a fun way for you answer that always so difficult question of "What do you want to eat?" Now, you have something to start with.