Ok, hold on a second. I'm not calling American Flags crappy. I'm talking about flags that have become distressed, torn and tattered due to weather, time and inattention.

The American flag is awesome! It is objectively the coolest looking flag of any country on Earth. The one that has an actual machine gun on it comes close, but, no cigar.

The U.S. Flag Code says that when a flag becomes tattered it should "be destroyed in a dignified manner, preferably by burning". The Flag Code doesn't define how tattered "too tattered" is but I think you'll agree, the following flags that I found here in our own town are ready for a respectful retirement.


"Grand Ol' Flag? More Like Grand Ol' RAG!"


"Oh, Say, can you see... right through the multiple holes in this flag?"


"Stars & YIKES!"

"Old Gory"