In Sioux Falls, South Dakota people are outraged at targets that were sold during a gun show. A certain vendor decided to sell incredibly offensive targets during the show and actually defended his decision to sell them.

When news station KSFY reached out to the vendor to get an explanation for wanting to sell such a racist target, he had the nerve to actually defend it. When asked why he sold the targets, he didn't seem to care about it being offensive since he already sold 500 of them, over the weekend.

The vendor's name has not been released, but he has been banned from ever selling at the event again.

Organizers of the gun show said they were not aware of what the vendor was selling. They were 'disgusted and disturbed' to find out to see a vendor actually selling the item at their event. As racism continues to be a hot topic in media, news stories like this one show just how alive it is, and how incredibly far society is from equality.

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