The 2014 Masters If They Used Putt-Putt Rules
Lefty long-baller Bubba Watson is the 2014 winner of the Masters Golf Tournament, his second title in three years. How would he have fared, though, if Augusta National had implemented some of the challenges you can find at your local Mini-Golf course?
Model Suing Playboy After Getting HIt On the Booty
Model Liz Dickson agreed to place a golf tee between her butt cheeks, back in 2012, at a Playboy Golf Tournament in Los Angeles. She was hit pretty hard on the cheek, after comedian Kevin Klein took a swing. She is now suing Playboy for more than $500,000.
Ready for a Round?
Child Protective Services and Butterfield Golf Trail are teaming up for a golf tournament to benefit Community Partners of El Paso, a local charity that has helped over 20,000 abused and neglected children in El Paso County since 1998.
The Worst Golf Course in America is in My Hometown [VIDEO]
If you're like me, a recreational golfer without a fancy-schmancy membership at a Country Club, you've probably played a few shabby courses in your lifetime. Golfers, I'd like you to visualize the worst course you ever played. Got the image in your mind? Good. Because it's going …

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