Johnnie’s New Music Releases for April 2, 2013 [VIDEO]
Hey guys, it's time for some more new music releases tomorrow! There's a really good one coming, that I know a lot of people have been looking forward to, and then there are the ones like New Kids on the Block, that I don't think even that band cares about. I share with you some of th…
Why Isn’t My Band Getting Signed? What Do I Have To Do?
There are so many stories of bands getting signed, whether it's overnight or after struggling for a long time. What is that secret missing piece that will help a band get the attention of a management team, or a record label? Thanks to a link from a friend of mine, Zak, there's an agency w…
Best of The KLAQ Morning Show Volume 16 – Latino Spice!
Need some Latino Spice in your life?
Of course you do!
Pick up the latest from the KLAQ Morning Show, Volume 16 - "Latino Spice"!
Filled with the best bits from throughout the year, "Latino Spice" is sure to make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves a good l…
Michael Anthony Says Second Chickenfoot CD Is Finished
Rock supergroups have always been notorious for flaming out quickly, so when we found out Sammy Hagar was teaming up with Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Chad Smith to form Chickenfoot, we knew only time would tell if they stood the test of time.
But in spite of the scheduling difficulties (and, n…

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