September 25th, was the day ...And Justice For All dropped in 1988!

The first 2 Metallica releases ("Kill 'Em All" and "Ride The Lightning") certainly put them on the map and their third release (Master Of Puppets) rewrote the heavy metal bible.

Then, as their greatest moment approached, a tragedy took bassist Cliff Burtons life.

No one, not even Metallica, were sure they'd bounce back from that loss let alone the disruption in the bands forward momentum.  Yet, Metallica returned to the studio with a new bassist (Jason Newsted) and a new attitude that once again, re-wrote the heavy metal rule book!

After first seeing the long version video of "One", I thought "Holy F- Bomb, that's it.  I have seen the future of metal".  Not only was the music incredible, but the video was also so well done.  Not to mention very freakin' weird.  (First chance I got I found out what movie they got all that trippy footage from and watched it.  "Johnny Got His Gun" is still one of the weirdest movies ever, watch it sometime!)

After all this time, "...And Justice For All" is STILL, absolutely, one of the best metal recordings ever.  (If you've been under a rock or something these last 25 years and haven't heard it all the way through, get busy!  An incredible musical experience awaits you!)

Here's where it started for me.  Listen loud!!  \m/