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    Relive all these moments from the KLAQ Morning Show:

  • Introduction by the Great Nostradumbass
  • Lou Romano vs. Manny Pacquiao
  • Spanglish: FOUNTAIN
  • Gay Frontier Lawman, Episode 1
  • Rick Perry's El Paso
  • B.T. - Chicken Wings
  • Dialing for Dingbats: Hairy Christmas
  • Spanglish: SEIZURE
  • Buzz vs Teresa: Who's More Unprofessional
  • Smoove B. Love Man: Working for the T.S.A.
    (EP Electric's Greatest Hits)
  • Charlie Sheen: A Musical Tribute to a Wild Year
  • The Freak Channel
  • Gay Frontier Lawman, Episode 2
  • Spanglish: ENQUIRE
  • The New X-MEN Movie :
    Racism at it's Most Vital
  • GREG MORTON SONG: Air Traffic Control

  • Logger Survives by Amputating his own Toes
  • Dialing for Dingbats: Soup
  • KETCHUP: Buzz's Unhealthy Obsession
  • Spanglish: PETER PAN
  • "Bye Bye Bin Laden"
  • SPONSOR: Stomach Pancakes
  • Cowboys vs Jets on 9/11
  • Starfish Week
  • The Duketones: Post Rapture Song
  • Gay Frontier Law Man: Public Hanging
  • Smoove B. Love Man: Santa's Assistant