Try Again, NMSU
NMSU has had a rough football season so far. Their team is so dreadful they were the only win for the atrocious UTEP Miners so far this season. Then, the president of the university offered prizes to entice students to attend their games.
Go, Johnny Go: A Salute To The Hot Mess That Is The NCAA & Johnny Football [VIDEO]
So, Johnny Manziel can't take cash for his autograph? But the NCAA, which is investigating him for doing just that, CAN make money by selling a jersey with "Football" written like a name on the back? Not that Manziel is the most likable guy in the world, but his money-for-my-mark story sure is making a mockery of a bad system -- something we HAD to put to music!
The Most Talented Man I Ever Knew
Dad always told me I need to cut back on the language. Not bad language, just words. A master of making a point in as few words as possible, my Dad, John Keith, died last week, aged 78. His kidneys and heart had been worsening, though when he was in his heyday as sports information director/hospitality room host at Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas A&M he always said it would be his liver. ... Re