Rarely do New Mexico State and Utah Valley make ESPN's SportsCenter.

The Aggies' basketball team brawled with UVU fans who stormed the court after the Wolverine's upset win Thursday night.

It was a fight worthy of a Jeff Foxworthy punchline: "If your fans storm the court after beating New Mexico State..."

The fight started in part because Aggies' junior guard KC Ross-Miller took the basketball and, as the horn sounded to end the game in UVU's 66-61 win, threw it hard and point-blank at Utah Valley's Holton Hunsaker.

That's right -- KC Ross-Miller and Holton Hunsaker. Sounds like a spring clearance event in the men's section at Dillard's.

But the fight also started in part because everybody now believes they have to storm the court after an upset win.

This makes it official that cool kids at bigger schools need to find something different to do.

Look -- sorry Wolverines fans, but when the Utah Valley's of the world are allowed to storm the court after beating a team that won't get into The Big Dance unless they win their conference tournament, then storming the court is over.

Seriously, if you have to wait for the whole storm-the-court thing to trickle that far down the college basketball ladder, no need to jump -- just step back down to earth. And make your games safer in the process.

As for Ross-Miller, you bet he deserves to be punished, and I have no doubt NMSU head coach Marvin Menzies will think of something appropriate. Maybe play some Wall Ball at the WAC Tournament and let Hunsaker take a few turns.

Then again, Ross-Miller just lost to Utah Valley and probably got to celebrate with a sub sandwich and a bag of chips on the bus to the airport.

He should consider himself lucky...that there was something open after 10 p.m. in Orem, UT.