If you thought Doritos partnering up with Taco Bell was one of the greatest things on their menu, we have some bad news for oyu. Taco Bell recently made the announcement that they would be cutting various items from their menu, and the Doritos partnership seems ot have gotten the ax. Other notable menu options were also on the list, breaking many people's hearts I'm assuming most of them were at the Taco Bell hotel earlier this month.

You still have some time to enjoy these items, since they won't be cut from the menu until September 12th. No word yet if the fast food giant will be adding new menu items to replace these, or what direction they will be going. While many fast food companies are now partnering with vegan meat options, Taco Bell hasn't done the same yet. Maybe they'll go in the complete opposite direction and give us strange meat-loving options like Arby's meat carrots. Either way, we're excited to see what Taco Bell has in store for their fans.

Here is a list of all the items that will no longer be available at your nearest Taco Bell:

  • Fiery Dorito
  • Cool Ranch Dorito Taco
  • Double Decker Taco
  • Beefy Mini Quesadilla
  • Chips and salsa
  • Chipotle Chicken Loaded Griller
  • Double Tostada
  • Power Menu Burrito
  • XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito

If anyone is looking for us, we'll be down the street at Taco Bell, filling up on all this goodness for the rest of the weekend. Feel free to join in.

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