Have you heard of "table nachos"? They're all the rage on social media right now! The concept of table nachos is simple: why limit yourself to JUST one plate of nachos when you could have a whole table of nachos? I first found out about table nachos when scrolling through TikTok (Yes, I know, I know, lame) and at first glance, it had my curiosity, then as the video went on, it had my full attention. This is the first table nachos video I saw:


Of course, there are a few cringey moments, like the cheese. It's not hard to make your own queso. But I really liked the concept. I thought "this would be great for parties!" Then, I did the one thing you shouldn't do when you like something on social media: I read the comments. LOTS of people were not a fan of table nachos. Everyone became a nachos connoisseur suddenly. But it didn't look like people were going to let the table nachos haters get to them, because I have seen other videos pop up! It really is tempting me to try it out!

As with anything on social media, it was going to have its good comments and bad comments. A lot of people saw this and suddenly were very concerned about germs, and everyone touching it. Other comment included how this was "white people nonsense. The positive comments included what a great memory this would be for kids. I'm sure for some, this is not a thing they would do. I totally would try this- with my own queso recipe of course. The table nacho haters are going to have to just look away, because it doesn't look like this is going to die down soon.

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