Sometimes it's hard to try and get a date when you're a workaholic so we rely on dating apps! Then you have those that are lazy who don't want to physically go out there and try and mingle when they're single.

Dating apps can either bring you luck meeting the person of your dreams or meet your death bed! When you're using a dating app it's always good to inform relatives or friends who and where you're meeting. It is unfortunate that there have been a couple cases where people have been killed by their Tinder dates. Like the story above this young woman was murdered and was last seen on her Snapchat story. On her Snapchat story, she had posted a picture saying she was ready for her date. Last year I had done a story on some tips to help you score a date on whatever dating app you prefer to use. There were some creeps who clearly got themselves ignored by the way they communicated with me. Abc News has the story on the young girl who was murdered and is hoping to spread awareness about dating apps.

Hopefully, you're always careful when you're using those dating apps and remember to meet in public and let others know about your date.

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