If you need help landing a woman's attention on a dating app, these tips can be very helpful! These are the things you should avoid saying or posting to give you a better chance scoring the chick.

I decided to do some research of my own on how men approach women and let's say some need major help. I am not saying that us women are perfect and know exactly what to say and post. Some men I ended up making friends with informed me how some women were just as bad as some of the men I dealt with. The worst thing is when I discovered one man on the dating site that is married to my friend. Just follow my advice and you will be sure to land yourself a chance with the one you have your eyes on.

So if you need help locking down a date, read these tips down below!


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    Don't use memes as part of YOUR pictures.

    A woman would rather see pictures of yourself than memes. That is the biggest mistake you could do on your profile. If you're trying to prove you're a nice guy or think something is funny, that is what messaging is for. You can express your personality through messaging as you're getting to know one another.

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    Don't lie to her just to get a phone number.

    This is the biggest no no in the dating app world! This man claimed he didn't have internet on his cell phone. First off, how the hell did you manage to log on in the first place? Secondly, you can get to know someone through the times you can be able to log on. So don't be like this guy to rush into getting a phone number.

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    Don't come off as a perv minutes within the conversation.

    If you start off a conversation like this, you will definitely get yourself blocked REAL QUICK! Most women avoid that kind of talk because you're barely meeting someone new. If you start off a conversation like this she's going to assume you're a doorknob. (It's not a good thing)

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    Don't attack or question someones interests.

    People have their reasons for enjoying what they enjoy seeing or doing. If you right away keep asking why someone enjoys a certain sport will get annoying real quick. Also, complaining about something he/she loves will land you in the gutter. Because if there are no similar interests, there's no point in talking any further. This is the kind of person who would put down your beliefs.

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    Don't be cocky right off the bat.

    It's okay to have confidence but not TOO much because that's a turn off! If you have been talking a while to this person then it's okay. But right off the bat blowing yourself up isn't cool.

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    Don't be a stage 5 clinger.

    One thing you should definitely avoid, is keeping a woman from getting her beauty sleep. There are some people who enjoy messaging from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Well, not all people enjoy that or like to lose sleep over getting to know someone. The worst thing you can do is try and keep her from sleeping.

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    Joe Raedle, Getty

    Don't sign up for a dating app if you're married or in a relationship!

    I have seen at least two guys that I know of who are taken and on the dating apps. One of the men I caught is married to an acquaintance I know from college. Then another dude, who was engaged to someone I used to work with. What is the point in making a commitment if you're not fully committed? The only way it would be okay is if your partner wanted to take part in a threesome. But other than that, don't join a dating app because eventually you will ruin your own reputation because El Paso is a small world!

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    Don't upload pictures of your kids on your profile.

    The reason I say that is because it's all about privacy when it comes to your personal life. You can by all means mention you have children or a child on your profile. Heck, you can even talk about how many kids you have through private messages, but avoid putting their pictures up. Once you two have reached a comfort level after a long amount of time of getting to know one another is alright to exchange.

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    Don't create a weird or creepy username.

    There have been some usernames I came across that I specifically avoided for that reason. One dude had something like Finding them hot and leaving them wet or whatever. That kind of username or anything similar to that will leave your inbox empty with cricket noises. If you're creative and humble with the username of your choice will give you a double take.

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    Don't just scroll through pictures without reading the bio/interests.

    The most annoying thing is when someone takes a look at your profile and is quick to message you without fully reading the profile's bio/interests. It annoyed me when a dude would hit me up asking me what about interests and I would reply referring them to my bio. So be sure to pay careful attention to what she took the time to write about herself.

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