Female students at an Oklahoma high school went home crying, on their first day of school. Students felt they were humiliated, not by their peers, but by their superintendent.

On the first day back at Noble High School, Superintendent Ronda Bass was concerned about how the female students were dressed. At the end of the day, she sat the girls down and discussed their outfits.

During the discussion with the group of girls, she asked for anyone who felt the female students were dressed inappropriately on campus, to raise their hands. Bass says many hands went up, but a senior remembers the conversation very differently.

Stephanie Stewart, a senior at Noble High, told reporters that Bass actually said,"Have y’all ever seen any ‘skanks’ around this school’. Around the end she said, ‘I don’t want to see anyone’s ass hanging out of their shorts.”

Bass didn't admit to saying that exact word, but she has heard other schools call her female students negative names like that.

Stewart was singled out by Bass, because Bass thought her dress was too short. Bass did a dress code check, asking students to bend over, but if they were uncomfortable to bend over, then it was a problem.

Stewart believes Bass could have handled the situation differently because a lot of girls went home crying, the first day of school.

Superintendent Bass stands by her the way she addressed the students and believes it was the right thing to do.