Some recent bad luck for Southwest Airlines could get you out of town for almost nothing!

Southwest Airlines has announced huge price cuts on airfare. The airline, according to an article reposted by the Las Cruces Sun-News, typically offers these discounts twice a year around June and October. (The article originally appeared at

This year though, the article states, they're really cutting fares to combat a decline in sales following recent accidents involving Southwest aircraft.  Discounted flights from El Paso International Airport include $49 to Phoenix and $79 to Austin, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Antonio.

The article also recommends doubling up on deals by taking the $49 flight to Phoenix and, from there, catching cheap flights elsewhere like:

$49: San Diego, Albuquerque

$79: Denver, San Francisco, Oakland, Salt Lake City

$129: Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis

$149: Nashville, Louisville, Pittsburgh

To check flight availability and rates, click here. Other airlines may offer "price matching" deals too so, ask around!