If your team isn't playing the Super Bowl, then the next best thing about watching the game are the commercials! It would be a double whammy if my team was playing today and watching funny a** commercials.

Since that is not the case, I will be one of the many who will enjoy the commercials when they break. These ten commercials are from last year that was published by Jake's Top 10. One that I still laugh at to this day is not part of it and is older. But Doritos is known for always creating the funniest content. I think the funniest one from 2017 from these ten would be the Snickers commercial. I hope to laugh more at the commercials that play this year than last year. Hope your Super Bowl is filled with lots of laughs, food, and fun tonight!

Oh and if you're wondering who I am rooting for this year... May the wind be beneath your wings Eagles. Fly Eagles Fly!

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