Tune in Sunday night for the best new rock, great local rock, rock news and more on Q Connected.

Sunday night, from 10pm - midnight, listen for new rock from Ego Kill Talent - check out the video for their new song up above - plus you will hear Sevendust covering The Day I Tried To Live originally by Soundgarden. Not to mention new tunes from Code Red Riot, GojiraEconoline CrushBad WolvesMastodonAvatarBiffy Clyro, Sons Of Silver, Bring Me The HorizonAyron JonesThree Days Grace and so much more.

Plus, as always, great local rock from Local Locos like Texas Voodoo Stomp, Brother Strange, (who just got some good news), Slvthammer and plenty of other rockers from all over the Borderland! (As usual, Local Locos close out the show and this week, that honor goes to one of the 3 bands noted in this article.) Do you have a local band for Q Connected? If so, let Dubba G know by calling (915) 544-9550 or you can email  ggarza@klaq.com. For the record, “local band” means:

  • The band lives within 200 miles of El Paso.
  • The band regularly plays live shows within 100 miles of El Paso.
  • The band must submit an original, (properly recorded and mixed please), rock song and/or video.

NOTE:  Local band rules are, of course, flexible and always subject to change. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 'em here or, you can call and leave me a message at (915) 544 - 9550.

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