These rockers are no strangers to the El Paso music scene and are now about to show the world how El Paso does "Stoner Rock."

Brother Strange features former members of Cantina Flys, Milky Fly and UFO Lowrider and count bands like Wo Fat, Fu Manchu, Orange Goblin, The Sword, Sleep, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, CoC and Clutch among their influences.

The band's current lineup features a father and son team on guitar and bass, along with a grizzled, bluesy lead vocalist and a hard-hitting drummer whose playing style is very reminiscent of the late John Bonham. The name might sound familiar but this version, (often referred to as the "Mk ll" version) of Brother Strange, has only been around for about 2 years. (Speaking of "family ties", the video above was done by the singers son, Sebastion Salazar!)

They have evolved quite a bit over time, especially the last two years but still hold very true to their influences, particularly Black Sabbath. With the help of their management team, Skull King Productions, the El Paso rockers were recently able to land themselves a record contract with Hellaphonic Music based in Hollywood, California.

Once COVID-19 passes and music venues are back in action, they plan to tour as extensively as possible and will certainly arrange some hometown shows here in the Borderland. In the meantime, you can enjoy a special live stream performance from them via Facebook on August 22. This event will feature the official signing of the record contract as well as a live performance from the all-new Genuine Reference Studios here in El Paso Texas.

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