The  weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping and that means summer time is in full effect! Perfect timing to dust off your grill and getting ready to do some barbequing!

If you're like me barbequing and summertime go hand in hand! Good friends, and good times can never go wrong as long as the beer doesn't run out, right?

The key to making the best barbeque is making sure your grill is up to the challenge. Which means it should be clean and clear of past bbq memories. It isn't rocket science to get the grime off, the proper tools will do the job. Don't have any? No problem. Take a generous amount of heavy duty aluminum foil into a ball. Then simply scrape it over the grill until its clean enough to start cooking meat. Easy enough.

Summer time is the time to be with the ones you enjoy and who doesn't like bbq parties? People all over the world have their own techniques, but whatever they are stay safe and have a wonderful summer barbequing to your hearts content!