The guys in Suicide Romance stopped by the studio tonight to talk about their show Friday with Hellyeah for the make-good Balloonfest concert at Wet N Wild. They brought me a CD of a few songs, we spent a little time laughing and talking about all things Suicide Romance.

In case you haven't seen SR before and don't know anything about this kick-ass band, here's a little teaser of what you can expect from the guys, and a little inside info on the band.

In part one, we talk about who everyone is, how the band came together and what their direction is. We also touch on some of their favorite things about Balloonfest.

"The summertime feel, seeing them get into it, barbecueing! Bikinis are cool!" (BTW - I started the recording a little late, all you miss is me saying hi and asking them to introduce themselves.)

Here's the video of the band (with Mike on "Medical Leave") from Balloonfest 2011!

And part two with the guys where they talk about tons of upcoming shows, including tomorrow night when they'll open for Pop Evil at Speaking Rock, Friday's Hellyeah show, opening for Faster Pussycat, working for Faster Pussycat to get into a show for free and more!

Learn more about Suicide Romance on their KLAQ Band Profile page, and get more info on Friday's show with Hellyeah.

See you on Friday!