Some of the bands we have for you the El Paso Street Fest this year do more than just rock. Check out some of the side gigs and interests a few of our bands have:

Alice Cooper. When he's not offing himself on stage, Alice is a deeply religious man, devoting a block of time everyday to prayer and reflection. He's a massive baseball fan, owns a restaurant in Phoenix called Cooperstown and is an avid golfer. A really, freakin' good one too, (watch the video!), often scoring around 70 after playing 18 holes. (Which he does, EVERY day.)

Jesse James Dupree/Jackyl. Jesse's been fronting Jackyl since the 90's and he's done solo work too. He also has his own line of whiskey and beer, named American Outlaw. A management company, Mighty Loud, which oversees bands including Jackyl, Wayland and his son Nigel Dupree. He's the general manager of Ironworks, a record label owned by actor Keifer Sutherland. Jesse's also co-owner of Sturgis' legendary Full Throttle Saloon and a longtime biker.

Starset. Singer Dustin Bates, (ex-Downplay), is WAY into astronomy and holds a masters degree in electrical engineering. He's done research for the US Air Force and has actually taught at the International Space University. Their music serves as a voice for an organization they created called The Starset Society. This group, according to their website, has been; "commissioned by The Starset Society to spread broad awareness of The Message through music and media." It's all part of the show but the band treats it, always, as if it's real! They've also created a graphic novel and have another currently in the works.

Jacoby Shaddix. The Papa Roach front man got tired of trying to find cool rock stuff to wear and now has his own line of "rocker streetwear", Lovers Are Lunatics Clothing. He also devotes a lot of his time and effort to helping the "Re-mind Project". Street Fest is 6/23-24! For more info, click here.

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