So I saw this article on PR Newswire and it reminded me of one of the funnier stories I heard when I first moved to Texas. First things first, here are the 10 strangest things people have been given instead of a raise.

  1.   An expired gift certificate.
  2.   A large carving of a polar bear.
  3.   A foam tombstone.
  4.   A golden key to an executive bathroom that didn't exist.
  5.   Socks.
  6.   A small, custom-made statue that looked like the employee.
  7.   A plaque that had a spelling error on it.
  8.   Fresh meat from a hunting trip.
  9.   A jacket that wasn't even close to the right size.
  10.   Coupons for the grocery store.

Okay, so here's the story. It doesn't have to do with a raise, but it does have to do with a work anniversary gift. More specifically, Steve Kaplowitz and his 20 year anniversary gift. I heard that Buzz was given a nice flat screen TV for his anniversary. Well, Steve got a poem. That went like this:

It was 20 years ago today,

Steven Kaplowitz came to play.

Working at KLAQ-

Entertaining me and you.

So give a big round of applause,

For Steve and his sports talk cause!

And if you look closely at the bottom of the above picture, you'll see that the format isn't exactly the greatest, and there's a random "s" at the end. But hey, look at the bright side. At least it was typed using Word Art.


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