I've got a link, below, to the KVIA story about how some people in El Paso have been going to Goodwill drop-offs in the wee hours and taking whatever they feel like.

  This is obviously stealing because...

a.) the whole point of Goodwill is to provide jobs for people who are disabled, lack education or have other employment challenges. So the "well, Goodwill's for poor people and I'm poor" excuse doesn't work.

b.) these people aren't stealing things they "need". They're grabbing what they can and reselling what they don't worse. Or, even worse, throwing in away.

c.) you're making it that much harder for me to pop some tags with only $20 in my pocket.


Why did both of the people they confronted give "I'm taking this to Juarez" as an excuse? Do they think Goodwill has a don't-steal-from-us-unless-you're-taking-it-to-Juarez-then-it's-o.k. policy?

Why doesn't Goodwill lock that shit up?

My God, how hot is Whitney Burbank?

Doesn't "Whitney Burbank" sound like the name of a fictional female reporter in Anchorman 2 ?


What do you call going out after dark to find donation centers to steal from?

Goodwill Hunting.

Here's the link to the KVIA story...