Hidden Stop Signs El Paso

It blows when you can’t avoid an insurance problem and future bill when it’s not even your fault. You know the cops get some kind of joy when they pull you over for running the stop sign you didn’t see. Now there are serious cases of people running stop signs because they literally can’t see it! There are more than the couple of stop signs you and I know about that got you or someone you know in a bind. The two areas I know of are on the Westside and on the Eastside. Getting a ticket for something that wasn’t your fault because of tree branches blocking your view should keep you from the unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t the case at all. You may have been one of those victims that got pulled over for being unable to see the damn thing. All I got to say is that if you happen to get a ticket, be sure to take a picture of that hard to see stop sign. Having solid proof of the stop sign you couldn’t see does help your case. Because anyone would prefer to avoid an unnecessary expense especially when it’s not even their fault.

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