Out here in El Paso, we're very proud of the cuisine we have to offer. For those of us who grew up here, we often forget that not everyone is privy to the dishes we've all grown to love. For someone who great up in Ohio foods like enchiladas or tamales may seem foreign to them. Which was the exact case for comedian Steve Harvey!

Steve Harvey is a household name thanks to "Family Feud" and that terrible mishap during the Miss Universe pageant. But, back in the 1980's Harvey was a traveling comedian making stops all across the country to get his name out there. Judging by the story he tells, back in either 1984 or 1985, he made a stop in El Paso where he got his very first taste of Mexican food! It was very memorable, but maybe not for the taste, but for the mishap he had while eating tamales!

He didn't know to unwrap the tamal! I'm sure the first time many non-Hispanic people ate a tamal wondered about the husk as well- and I'm sure many have attempted eating the husk! I'm sure many of us here in EP have messed with non-Hispanic's with our food offerings.

He didn't comment on where he ate said tamal, or whether he enjoyed it or not but he did end up making a lifelong friendship because of the mishap! Food and friendship often go hand in hand and this was definitely a great story of the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Tamales for everyone!

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